Mow-Hawk Lawn Care offers a full range of services.

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lawn mowing LAWN MOWING

Mowing is the most basic practice for maintaining lawn turf. Mowing performed at the correct height and frequency is essential to the health of your lawn.


In addition to the cosmetic benefits shrub and tree pruning offers, Mow-Hawk also understands that each tree, plant or shrub may have a different pruning requirement cycle.

lawn mowing LEAF REMOVAL

Our service involves the use of commercial leaf removal equipment.  This includes backpack blowers, push blowers and hand held equipment as well as mowers to help provide the best possible service.

lawn mowing FLOWER BEDS

Not everyone has the time to keep his or her garden beds and flower beds in perfect condition all year long, but just because you have a packed schedule doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the beauty of nature at your home. This is where  Mow-Hawk can help. The bed maintenance services we offer — such as weed control, soil cultivation, edge definition, raking, and Bed Creation.

lawn mowing CORE AERATION

Uses a machine known as a lawn aerator to remove cores or plugs of soil from the lawn. It reduces soil compaction and creates a way for oxygen, water and nutrients to enter the soil.


This “instant lawn” is ready to install and transforms bare dirt into lush, green lawn in a matter of hours. Sod allows you to have a mature and beautiful lawn in a single day. Establishing a new lawn by seed can take up to two years.

lawn mowing MULCHING

Neatly mulched beds improve the appearance of any landscape. But beyond its appearance, a layer of mulch provides many other benefits. Mulch can protect a plant’s root system, add nutrients to the soil, suppress weeds and slow the erosion of topsoil.


The most important thing you can do for a lawn is provide it with proper nutrition. Fertilizing is probably the cheapest and easiest way to make a big impact on your lawn.

lawn mowing EDGING

From sidewalks and driveways to flower beds. Edging is the finishing touch to any well done landscape.

lawn mowing SNOW REMOVAL

Mow-Hawks sister company Snow-Hawk provides seasonal contracts and one time on demand service for snow removal.


From re-staining, painting, repairing, resurfacing or replacing Mow-Hawk can help.


Mow-Hawk offers an array of pressure washing and soft washing services for residential customers. We can give your home the curb appeal it needs and deserves.

lawn mowing LANDSCAPING

When it comes to your home, nobody understands how to make it beautiful like we do. A simple landscaping re-vamp can dramatically increase your property’s value and aesthetic appeal.